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The best choice for baby soft feet based on natural fruit acids!

Summary of Article: This incredible Foot Peeling Mask makes your feet  rejuvenated, baby soft and healthy  by removing dead skin in a safe way using fruit acids.

Well-groomed hands are said to be a business card of a woman. But what about the smooth and delicate legs, the state of which is especially noticeable in the summer, when we wear open sandals or walk along the beach?

Agree, soft and smooth like a baby’s feet will perfectly complement any look?

But not everything is so smooth …

orns, cracks in the heels, rough skin of the feet, unpleasant odor from the feet - at least one of these problems faced every woman. Peeling of the legs will help get rid of these troubles, making the skin soft and smooth. This procedure involves exfoliating the upper stratum corneum of the epidermis. You can do peeling in the expensive salon using special equipment or use the innovative foot mask from KUTEMAX and get amazing results!


KUTEMAX foot mask is an innovative product, which was elaborated especially to fight against all feet imperfections.

The powerful AHA acids, which are the main component of the foot mask, penetrate deeply into the skin, destroying the bonds between molecules of dead skin cells and making them peel off. As a result, you have rejuvenated, baby soft, healthy and beautiful feet!




How does it really work?


The process of gaining baby soft feet has never been so easy – you don`t need to scrub your feet with pumice anymore!

Just put the peeling socks on and have a rest for an hour.

The process of exfoliation will start on the 5th-10th day and will get rid of all foot problems, including old calluses, dry cracked skin, bad feet odor and bacteria.

The overall state of your feet will improve significantly and will please you during a long period of time.

Conclusion: Is KUTEMAX Foot Peeling Mask really worth it?

In short, YES! 

This is really safe and effective treatment that can replace salon peeling feet.